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Know What to Look for Before Committing to the Relationship

There is no “look” to Domestic violence and no particular “appearance” that an abuser has. You cannot tell by looking at someone who is being abused and who is abusing another person.  Many abusers are extremely charming people and direct their abusive behavior only on the person […]

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Abuse Is Progressive

Once an incident of domestic violence has occurred, that violence will escalate with each episode: the abuse is progressive and usually will not stop until one of the partners dies or escapes. The abuser probably does not initially plan on abusing the woman.  The problem stems from […]

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Understanding The Cycle of Violence

Because abuse is gradual love continues to grow, however the periods of calm are always followed by unpredictable emotional reactivity.  You may never know what will set him off and the violent episodes are usually unrelated to the situation at hand.  His level of reactivity is out […]

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