About Christy

The bleeding heart flower is a beautiful heart shaped flower that continues to have the strength to bloom year after year.  For me it represents the inspiration and strength to overcome violence and abuse, and portrays the beauty that still lies ahead in each of our lives.

Christy Front CoverChristy graduated from the University of Southern California School of Medicine and has practiced as a Physician Assistant since 1993 in emergency medicine, urgent care and family medicine.

In addition, she is trained in Christian caregiving and ministering to people in specific situations such as divorce, terminal illness, grief, and providing one-to-one Christian care to those who are suffering pain, loss or  trauma.

Christy now holds two certifications in domestic violence, abuse and trauma, as well as spirituality health and healing, and alternative and complimentary medicine.

In addition, Christy is a professionally trained Life Coach, and Mind-Body Coach.  Through her coaching, she guides clients in identifying the limiting beliefs and thoughts that are triggering painful emotions and creating blocks to their true happiness.  She helps clients look at their inner life in order to make changes in their outer life.  Christy uses a number of modalities to assist the client in discovering their own true desires, finding peace, creating a beautiful life and nurturing healthy relationships.  “No one can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.”

She has been recognized by the National Association of Professional Women for her contribution to domestic violence awareness, and she serves as a member of the Domestic Violence Task Force for Los Angeles County.  She is also an active member of The Academy of Violence and Abuse, and is an advocate for amending current domestic violence laws.

In 2004 she was married. However, after 9 months of angry outbursts, followed by verbal and emotional abuse from her new husband, he loaded a .44 Magnum and attempted to murder her.

Christy lived the abuse that takes place behind closed doors and understands firsthand the effects it has on the person being abused, the cycle of violence, and the circumstances that make leaving difficult.

Christy is the author of the highly praised book “Marry Me” Doesn’t Mean “I Love You”: How I Escaped an Abusive Relationship and Found My Rhythm Again. Through her personal story she shares her experience of an abusive relationship and domestic violence and uses not only her personal experience, but her skills as a medical provider and a life coach to reach out to help those suffering from abuse. She also explains in detail the warning signs to recognize before becoming involved with a potentially abusive partner, and the cycle of abuse that family and friends need to understand, as so many feel helpless when they suspect someone they care about is in an abusive relationship.  By understanding the cycle, you can most effectively help that person out of the cycle of abuse.

Phyllis Preciado, M.D.

Christy is right on target!

The information that she provides is a great resource that serves to empower families and communities to recognize, prevent and heal from the trauma of domestic violence!

Phyllis Preciado, M.D.
University of California Irvine Medical School
Certificate in Domestic Violence, Human Options

Theri Boggess, M.A., LPCs

Christy came to me for help soon after that  horrific night. Her (then) husband had been arrested and she was experiencing the full spectrum of emotions common for one following such a terrifying betrayal. She was trying to sort out the anguish and confusion while awaiting the court process of an imperfect system. As we sifted through the rubble of broken dreams and shattered heart together, there were moments when I wondered if Christy would stay the course or go back to her abuser. She faced into the enormous pain and disappointment, and confronted the secrets and illusions until  she found the truth, and with it, freedom and her voice.

I am very happy that Christy has provided this place for community where others affected by domestic violence may be empowered with hope and encouragement for their own healing. To you who wonder if you can find your way to freedom, Christy is a beautiful example that you can!

On this website Christy shares some of the information provided in her book so that she may provide a public resource that will assist others who are directly or indirectly impacted by domestic violence and abusive relationships. It is her hope that on this website you will gain understanding, strength and empowerment to live a life that is overflowing with peace, love, freedom and laughter.

She continues to practice medicine and heal the physical body while continuing to advocate awareness of the emotional and spiritual effects of abuse. She knows firsthand the difficulties of leaving an abusive relationship, even if you have a desire to do so. She experienced the flaws of the legal system, and she knows the secrets that you carry within you, as well as the front that you portray to others.

She is able to help family and friends of those in abusive relationships better understand how to most effectively help the person being abused. Most of all, she knows there is hope. She knows there is a way out. She knows exactly what you are living, and she wants to help you find yourself again. She wants you to remember your strength, believe in yourself, and know that once again you will see the world in color. You will laugh, you are not alone, and you can be free! You really can!



Phone: 1-800-799-SAFE (7233)
Website: https://dvbleedingheart.com
Email: info@www.christymayfieldcoaching.com